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5.0 star rating Mary B from Los Angeles, California


We thoroughly enjoyed the show. We have been listening to his new album and when he played the songs, from that album, it was awesome. People sometimes only want the "standards" but we loved every single song and every jam. End of the tour and the energy was fun. Hoping for another tour next year.

5.0 star rating Am from Denver, Colorado


DMB never disappoints, but unfortunately the speakers sounded terrible. I just can't image these are band speaker issues. It was the whole stadium. I heard them play in Ohio earlier this summer and they sounded amazing. Night 2 sounded better in Denver, than night 1, but I think that's bc we were closer. The Lawn speakers at Fiddlers are not good.

5.0 star rating Shannon from Denver, Colorado


Third time seeing DMB and I was not disappointed! Row LL had an amazing view, and Dave played the best songs, with tons of energy!

5.0 star rating Todaystheday from Indianapolis, Indiana


Overall, Dave played an energetic and youthful performance along with the rest of the band. I had so much fun and do hope to see them again in 2019!

5.0 star rating Re from Jacksonville, Florida


I have had the opportunity to see DMB multiple times. It’s wonderful to be able to see a band multiple times and have each show be so different. They played an energetic show with a mix of new and old material. The Cortez cover was an absolute treat. Seeing the band with Buddy Strong on the keys was different. He adds a fresh jazz vibe. Supper talented musician. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to see them again.

5.0 star rating Mirta Morgan from West Palm Beach, Florida


Just as good as it gets. Dave sang his heartvout and the band gave it all. They were playing for each other and having a ball. Of course he had them best crowd, us included. Dave Matthews Band you guys roarrrr!!!

5.0 star rating Mark from Albuquerque, New Mexico


We drove up from El Paso, where we once saw mick jagger and Dave sing a duet of “let it bleed” at the sun bowl. This show at isleta amphitheater was our fourth experience with DMB/Tim Reynolds and we were thrilled to be there. Dave once again laid it on the line on a “breezy, breezy, almost freezy” evening in the land of enchantment. The musicians are amazing. Solos on guitar, bass, keyboards, trumpets, saxophone and the awesome smiling drummer were universally inspiring. Thanks for an unforgettable trip after a two year wait. Your show left us smiling an singing—that is no small feat these days. Keep on rockin!

5.0 star rating Jacqueline Simpson from Toronto, Ontario


Combine sophisticated, complex musical scores with poetic and emotional lyrics….together with a team of expert and passionate musicians; all willing to give their last drop of sweat to ensure a stellar performance! Without an opening band they were on stage for 3 hours yet even this marathon did not give them enough time to play even half of the favourites! I am now thinking they should headline a weekend event to give themselves more time to play more songs!! Felt a lot of love for Canada too. Happy and exhausted crowd walking out!

5.0 star rating Matt G from Houston, Texas


Best show in Houston / The Woodlands in years. Wow. Great jams. Last Stop, wow. Pantala -> Pig. Incredible. Jimi jam was great. SMTS - bridge - TM is becoming a Houston staple, but no complaints. The wheels fell off a bit on Song That Jane Likes, but they pulled it back together. Stay or Leave with full band is so good. Crush closer. Set list diversity this tour is better than ever, great to see band ever evolving and tight as ever

4.0 star rating from Tampa, Florida


had a hell of a time they played a satisfactory setlist but i wish people would hav stayed and told him what they wanted him to play showd him that they wanted him to comeback out a 2nd time after grey street encore they would have played more songs like crash into me and ants marching and stay or even where are you going cant wait to see them again im a big fan and so is my mother.

4.0 star rating Steve "Claw" G. from Indianapolis, Indiana


I've seen DMB a >dozen times at DeerCreek (now Ruoff) and must sadly admit, the band acted like they got into a huge argument before walking on stage. None of Dave's typical stories, not much inter-play between band members, the horn section just stood around talking between themselves when not playing, and Boyd Tinsley was def missed!!! Perhaps it was bc we had Pit Tickets and they oversold / over packed the pit to the point pushing and shoving kept occurring during the show, including a near fight right in front of us. The Pit was waaaay too large. We were 12-15 rows deep and historically, I've sat much closer than that for a lot less money. Ruoff is to blame for that, not DMB. But the sound and stage and behavior of the band was overall very flat. Def my most disappointing experience at DMB in over 10 years. I typically walk out of his shows so pumped I've followed them to other states on their tour. Not this year. We all have off nights....perhaps this was one?

4.0 star rating SP from Toronto, Ontario


My first DMB concert. Long time fan, and like the last reviewer I have most of the discography, including some Dave and Tim only. Overall, the show was amazing, as expected. The set list favoured the new songs and Under the Table, which I was ok with. With so many songs to choose from it would be easy to say I wish I heard this or that. But that's an unreasonable expectation. I absolutely loved the extended jams, something often missing from studio production. And Tim's electric work was fantastic. My only disappointment was not hearing a few more acoustic tunes mixed in, hence my 4 rating. Maybe too harsh, my apologies.

4.0 star rating Brian Scanlon from New Jersey


I had the pleasure of seeing Dave last night in Bethel NY. The set list wasn't my favorite but I've been going to see him since the early 90's so I'm all about the old school jams. That's why I selfishly gave it 4 stars. If I'm being honest I must say that the band has never recovered from losing Boyd Tinsley. The band was at its best when he was a part of it. Anyone remember 2 Step in the rain at Giant Stadium? Anyone? I rest my case. But to be fair he still is great and puts on a great show for all ages. He ended the night with Wasting Time, So Much To Say and then brought the house down with Watchtower. Just enough to leave me wanting more and looking forward to the next one. Thank you DMB for the some of the best times of my life!

4.0 star rating Kayte from Burgettstown, Pennsylvania


It was an ok concert, the set list wasn’t my favorite. The speakers were humming at times, which surprised me . I’ve been to a lot of the dmb concerts all over the states and really love them ! It seemed like they didn’t want us to dance and sing because of covid maybe or they where tired or something? Last concert here was amazing!! I will always be a fan and love them but I am very curious as to why they made those choices? The opening music was a jazzy elevator music and that kinda surprised us too! (usually has an upbeat band) everyone I spoke to at the concert was wondering what the band was thinking by playing that set list and pre music. I will still attend other concerts and know the next will be better! And it’s ok gotta have an ok concert to eventually see an amazing one! There is no band like DMB and they are amazing!!! We love them and know they are awesome!! I will always appreciate them coming to pgh even if it isn’t there favorite place! Love you DMB!!

4.0 star rating Theresa from Burgettstown, Pennsylvania


Dmb was way better this time! around!! the instrumental production didn’t disappoint ! Dave sang and worked his butt off! They all did !! thank you for a great show DMB!!

3.0 star rating from Toronto, Ontario


Saw him in 2016. Have most of his albums, In general I absolutely love him and the bands sound. This was the first time I was to see him live and took by whole family 7 of us on my nickel. It was dissapointing that he played very little of the songs I have come to love. Did a LOT of jams, and by a LOT, I mean a LOT! I will likely continue to buy his albums, but not lay out the kinda cash to see all the jams. Hey tunes don't even have to be A sides, B sides would be fine. I am cool with promoting new material for a new album too, that's just good business, I get it, and support it, but maybe a few less jams and a little more from the portfolio. With respect RM

3.0 star rating Uncle Wally from Saigon, Vietnam


Was in the pit 10 feet off the rail. Maybe this was why the sound was terrible. Dave singing but cannot hear a balance with the instruments. Beats and Luscious layering sounded like they were coming through a one speaker clock radio. Love DM though and will try again but it’s a long way from home.

3.0 star rating LisaB from San Francisco, California


Overall, the performance of the Dave Matthews band was very uninspired. It seemed like he was going through the motions. All he could say was thank you very much. He never introduced his band nor any song.

3.0 star rating Bob from Amelia Island, Florida

DMB 07/28/2021

Saw them last night. Major props for playing for 3 hours on a sticky hot July night. We drove 4 hours to hear them play. Great setlist and jams, venue, parking, crowd and concessions. Big complaint with the front of house audio. It was way too boomy and muddy. I hope this gets fixed for the rest of the tour!

3.0 star rating George from West Palm Beach, Florida


Was really hoping for way more than I got. Not enough Solos from the horns. Tim Reynolds, or the Drums. First times ever seeing him. Kinda disappointed. Was not really as impressed as I had hoped for. Crowd had the Vibe. From what I've heard, his second show is far better, but sorry to say. Once is enough for me.

3.0 star rating John from Dallas, Texas


Cannot believe he didn’t play crash, they are brilliant musicians but the concert was very monotonous

3.0 star rating Brooke M. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A couple things to note about the concert on 7/15/2022 in Camden, NJ. The venue (waterfront music pavilion) was not a good spot. Seating was extremely tight, it was insanely hot & claustrophobic, & sound quality was not good at all. As for the band, the set list was horrible. They played only 2 of their classic hits, the rest newer stuff. I’m all about appreciating the new stuff but I came for the classics too which they played almost to none. Dave didn’t really interact with the crowd, when he did talk he was hard to understand. It was one of the most disappointing experiences I have ever had. I’ve watched concerts on YouTube all the way through that were nothing like the one I attended. I don’t even feel like I actually attended a DMB concert that’s how bizarre it was.

3.0 star rating Sean from Raleigh, North Carolina


Awful sound quality in the lawn. They need to have actual real speakers throughout the venue and behind the crowd for the rear. How a concert venue has poor sound design and quality is completely beyond me and makes no sense. DMB set list was very mellow and lackluster. Dave played hard and so did he band but it just was not the best show by any means. And no Boyd or getting a replacement is a big mistake, DMB fans loved Boyd and the violin. Always love Dave and always will. Fix sound quality and the shows will be sooo much better!

3.0 star rating Dave Federle from West Palm Beach, Florida


Well, I must say, it came away, feeling a little disappointed with the shows this year. I think even Dave made a derogatory comment about Florida and that summed up how I felt about the whole experience this time. Dave barely even acknowledged where he was playing, he didn’t introduced the band Nor any of the songs he was about to . Having the show interrupted by the threat of l Thunderstorms really put the Kaibosh on the evening. I might go to another show, but I won’t expect what I used to expect out of them, which was power, Emotion and entertainment!

2.0 star rating Bill from Jacksonville, Florida


Totally agree with Rob Jack and Steve, the band was flat, disinterested, and lacking enthusiasm. The void left by Boyd's absence cannot be filled by an organ. I think this is my last DMB show.

2.0 star rating John from Nashville, Tennessee


Not sure what the problem was but the vocal sound quality was very poor Saturday night. We were very disappointed in our experience. Not sure if it was an arena issue or Daves sound techs fault. We had good seat too...

2.0 star rating Don W from Dallas, Texas


Bad sound, long jams that didn't flow well into the next song. They covered sledge hammer and fly like an eagle...really??? They could have replaced those 2 songs with Dancing Nancies and Ants Marching, at least it would have been his stuff. I've see a dozen of his concerts and this one goes down as the worst.

2.0 star rating Roger Campbell from Carbondale pa


Going threw the motions. No opening act. Instead this recorded voice of the rules of the amatheater. Thought dave would come out early. Nope 25 mins late. Thought dave would of said something about the delay but nothing. Odd pauses between some songs . Seemed like dave just looked at the band like what do you want to play. Ross was singing backup a few times. When they showed him on the big screen . He looked like a kid who's mother made him sing for his grand parents. Dave has not been to bethel in years counted the days till the concert. Left early.

2.0 star rating Tee from New York, New York


If i wanted new music, I'd buy an album. When I go to a show, I want to SING and dance to songs I love! This was not the case last night (9-20-22). DMB played 3 songs that people knew, and the rest? People were talking, leaving, yawning. People want their FAVORITE SONGS from 30 year old bands. I saw Dave last year in Irvine and it was INCREDIBLE. This year? A waste of money and time. I left an hour early and don't regret that. Maybe he should think about pleasing his FANS instead of treating his concerts like a jam session or promotion for new music.

2.0 star rating Mp from Seattle, Washington


To begin, I would not call myself a huge DMB fan, but I did see him a few times back in the day and always enjoyed the songs and energy. Friday night in Seattle was disappointing, OK at best. I am sure his faithful thought differently, but the crowd looked disinterested and really only cheered at the end of songs out of respect for this so-called legend. He played a lot of songs that clearly most of the crowd did not recognize. I expected to hear all his hits, but we only got a few at the end, along with 2 covers...Sledge Hammer (Peter Gabriel) and All Along the Watchtower (Hendrix). The Hendrix cover was clearly the bright spot of the show as Mike McCready from Pearl Jam joined him on stage and ripped it, thank goodness! In the past year I have seen Lukas Nelson, Widespread Panic, The Drive by Truckers, David Grey, John Mayer, Phil Lesh, Trey Anastasio, Markus King, The Black Crowes, etc. and the DMB would have been blown off stage by all of them, not close!!! Good luck DMB

2.0 star rating J Rose from Chgo, IL


I was really disappointed with DMB tonight. They really need a violin player. Way TOO MANY new songs, play 2-3 but the majority should be the favs. Granny, Pantala, Rapunzel, Recently, Sweet, Hello, Monsters, Lie in Our Graves (LOVED but jam sesh WAY too long) Walk Around the Moon, It Could Happen, Madman, Squirm, Idea of You, Grey St, Digging Ditch, Late in Evening, So Much to Say, Ants Marching, Funny How Time Slips Away, Virginia in Rain, So Damn Lucky. Dancing Nancy should ALWAYS make the set list! They would play an upbeat song and the crowd was happy dancing away only to follow with something slow. Buzz kill. This was my 7th show and I sat for most of it = lame. 2021 DMB at Northerly Island was a fantastic greatest hits show - that’s what fans want. It’s fine to play a song from another artist but 3 was a bit much when we really just wanted the classics. I’ll never attend DMB show again if they have a new album out. Please go back to greatest hits!!!

1.0 star rating Jack from Chicago IL


Flew in from Chicago to go to the show with my sister. First Dave show of the year 8 rows back Center. Seen them a bunch at Alpine & northerly Island. Boyd not being there drastically changed the entire sound of the band and songs- especially warehouse & nancies. I agree 100% with my guy from Indiana. The band was flat and it was obvious the crowd was not into the new stuff. Band beef seems likely Dave and Carter were the only ones interacting with one another. The fan demographic has changed and I Think that’s how the band wants it. Bummer

1.0 star rating Rob from Boca Raton, Florida


Wow....I’ve been to dozens of Dave shows and this was by far the worst one. Awful! What was that setlist? No energy. Crowd was basically asleep because the songs were so bad, jams too long, and overall boring. Really disappointing.

1.0 star rating Gwen from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


Was really disappointed in the play list and was hoping to hear at least "Crash". Left at 10:00 because we were so bored. Dave doesn't seem to care too much about his fans...very little interaction. As for DTE: they should re-name the lawn seats section because there is barely any lawn left. It's all dirt. Dirt seats would be more accurate. There are a few patches of grass on the far right and left but not a good view of the stage. Probably not going back this year; I'd rather listen to Pandora.

1.0 star rating Henry from Portland, Oregon


Worst sound quality of any concert I've ever been to. Any energy in the crowd was completely deflated 30 mins in. Complete disappointment.

1.0 star rating Angela Evans from Santa Fe ,NM


I will never buy or pay to see Dave Matthews band. I went to H.O.R.D.E. Festival in Las Cruces,NM in 1996. I was 7 months pregnant and was hesitant to go because it was the middle of the summer with 100 degree day!! The concert did have spray tents. Everyone was enjoying the music and we were all happy because clouds built up and rain came. The crowd cheered!! The breeze and rain drops cooled everyone off. The only bad thing was the we started to have lightning. I counted the strikes and they were about 50 miles away. Dave Matthews came out and said his band was cancelling their portion of the show because of this. He left the stage and the next thing we knew was that Blues Traveler was coming out in 10 minutes and they set up the stage. Blues Traveler continued in the rain and made the rest of the show great!! Shame on you Dave Matthews for burning me when I drove 380 miles to go see you my Favorite Band (you) , and sacrificed something happening to me at 7 months pregnant .

1.0 star rating from Charlotte, North Carolina


The set list was terrible and they would play one decent song which got the crowd going followed by a newer song that no one liked. Boyd not being there changes a lot as they tried to fill it with the piano player and Tim Reynold's but it just wasnt the same. Back in the day the anticipation of what song was going to come next was the fun part of the show and he would just play great hit after great hit and the crowd would go nuts for 3 straight hours. Now he plays one good song and then deflates the crowd with a terrible one. We left the show early which we have never done before and I am glad we did since he ended with Why I am and Time Bomb. Beyond Disappointed. I hope these reviews somehow get in front of him because he needs to make some serious changes or he is going to lose his loyal fans that have been with him for the past 19 years

1.0 star rating K from Tampa, Florida


Unfortunately he did not play any of his hits. The musicality & band are good. WTBS, please at least play what you are known for. People were walking out early. The sad thing was he could not even speak clearly when he tried to talk. People pay money to see a show, it was just disappointing.

1.0 star rating Jason from Toronto, Ontario


Well. Last time pre-COVID I saw DMB (and am a huge fan) and was disappointed with the song selection. With COVID in the rear view, I decided to bite the bullet and give it another try. Man was I wrong. Song after song was a bad choice. While he played a few I longed to hear for so long, it seems I should have travelled to Indiana to see his next show as that one was rocking. I don't know why he switches it up, but seems Toronto always gets the bad set lists. I'll just stick to youtube....

1.0 star rating J girard from Vancouver, British Columbia


Paid 1000 dollars to see this .... listened watched live on TV waited 20 years to see you ... bad awfully disappointed. Too bad. Nice to travel 8 hrs for utter disappointment

1.0 star rating from Hartford, Connecticut


My first Dave Matthews concert. Sat mid left and could see okay. However the sound and songs were a problem. When Dave spoke you couldn’t understand him - I don’t know why this was a problem - was it him or the sound?? Didn’t play the hits so this was not good. He started the concert by saying you might not hear the songs that you know. Duh - why did I go?? I won’t return to see him again - he’s disappointed.

1.0 star rating ?????? from Indianapolis, Indiana


The show was ended an hour and a half into the set over a storm that never happened. Worst show yet.

1.0 star rating Rich Muller from New York, New York


I have seen Dave Matthews tribute bands that were 10 times better than the concert Wednesday night at Jones Beach, sound quality poor, couldn't understand a thing he said didn't, play a single one of his old good songs. I should have left early, I want my money back and 3 hours of my time

1.0 star rating James Pearce from Gadsden Al


I drove hours to see a jam session and songs I've never heard. This was my 1st dmb show and will be my last. Of all his hits he played one. He even played the opening of satellites and what would you say and pulled out of both of them and played a new song. I gave them 1star because 0stars wasn't available. I would recommend anyone that's never been to they're show to not go. They didn't even interact with the crowd. They just stood there playing their instruments

1.0 star rating Nancy from Tampa, Florida


We were so disappointed in Tampa. DMB did not play any of his hits that made him famous. So bummed!


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