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Why see The Chicks?

the chicks return!

The legendary country trio The Chicks are triumphantly taking to the road this year! Celebrating their recent album Gaslighter - their first album in 14 years! The multi-city jaunt represents the group's first tour with their shortened name, after changing it in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Support comes from Patty Griffin and Jenny Lewis. 

Known for their activism as well as their Grammy Award-winning back catalog, The Chicks are more than just a band, these superstars, mothers, and renegades have transcended into icon status, with over 30 million albums sales making them the biggest selling female band of all time in American music history.

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Finished Aug 6, 2023


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Ballsy, Brilliant, Funny and Incredibly Talented.

First off, I have to laugh at some of the, clearly, trolling people who wrote bad reviews. Do you really think we believe you came all the way from Colorado and Texas to watch The Chicks in Toronto and then clutch your pearls about them being political and not catering to old Country fans anymore? Hilarious. That said, Bloody Hell! The Chicks are better than Ever! Martie and Emily are absolute musical magicians. So talented and engaging. Love these two! And Natalie's booming vocals can still blow the roof off. As a progressive, I could not be more proud to have them on the good side. They are not afraid to stand up and be counted. The music: It's amazing to see the progression throughout the years. The songs are the same and different at the same time. Still fun where they want to be, but also thoughtful, hard charging, and musically superb. When you look around at the audience, you see mothers and daughters singing and dancing together. I'm already looking forward to the next tour! ... Read more

Jennifer Kelly

So happy I went!

Traveled to see The Chicks and happy I did. Had so much fun and loved the show. The musicianship and singing and harmonies were top notch, as usual. Loved it all. ... Read more


Great show, poor fans

I saw the chicks last time they were in winnipeg, they were amazing then and were amazing now. Their musicianship was really strong with a great bass guitar and strong drums, Natalie's vocals seemed a little strained at the beginning but then she hit her stride, and of course the slide guitar and fiddling or pure gold. I'm a fan of their newer music and they're older hits and the song selection was spot on for me. I took my two tweenagers and they love the show but the detraction was the group behind us who talked and burst out laughing through the whole show even the quieter more meaningful songs. The political slants were not lost on me; I really appreciated them for their honesty and fearlessness. Again the fans stick out as a negative for me. There were some really fun unifying moments where everyone was singing along and having a great time. The crowd was really vocal and boisterous which was great! But I also have never been at a show where this many fans were constantly getting up, getting snacks, going to the bathroom, getting up just to take selfies, getting up to be social with other fans, and just talking through the whole show instead of seeming to connect with the vibe the artists were going for. There was a constant din which made it seem like the fans were just not engaged. So great show! Great music! Good job to the chicks! But to Winnipeg's fans, I thought we were known for being better fans than that and we can do better than that. ... Read more


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